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Case Studies

Case Study: Apparel Fulfillment

Customer Problem

Print 4,000 shirts, in 4 different colors, in 8 different sizes (Small – 5X), sort by size and color, package, box and label to deliver and distribute to 256 supervisors specifically for each supervisor’s employees?

Image Solution

The keys to this project were capacity and meticulous finishing: Few printers have the capacity to print 4,000 shirts in a short period of time but with 2 automatic presses we can print 3,000+ shirts daily. We are also fortunate to have people that are so meticulous about planning, organizing and executing such a major complicated project. As you can imagine, a lot of time and effort were put into getting it right. And that’s time, effort and stress that our customer avoided. We recently completed this project, delivered on time for a corporate event, with zero errors.

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